First Signs of Trouble


FEBRUARY 27th, 2017 —  Im going thru a lot of emotional stuff connected to my health that I’m not comfortable posting about on social media,,,,, but im facing my mortality in ways that I don’t enjoy ,,, and feel only occasionally comforted in my spiritual beliefs,,,, im realizing my attachments ,,, im seeing my fears,,, maybe everything will be alright in this circumstance I’ll know soon enough though I feel somewhat alone in my tunnel vision of reality anyway ,,,

I think about people who have died that I knew and wonder how they felt to be dying, ,,, I have a acquaintance who is dying and see how its making his friends uneasy,,, I’m not saying im dying but sometimes life throws ya curveballs that you can’t always handle with confidence and grace,,, at least for me,,, im not looking for cheery quotes or even for attention I just feel like I want to see if anyone relates to this existential angst im feeling,,,, do u fear death and illness? Can u even guess how you will feel until its happening,,, ? … it is unavoidable I think at some points in my lfe,,, in yours too I assume,,, it just feels so very vast and misty,,,


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